~I'm Kendall• 'm a Virgo• I probably love you~

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I’m Kendall but you probably know that.

I happen to be terrible at talking about myself.

I’m not good at much.

 Music gets me through the day.

I am careful who I trust.

Caramel and strawberries are my favorites.

Sweets are my weakness.

Pandora is the greatest invention ever.

I like old movies and vintage things.


Nicholas Sparks movies make me cry.

Kisses on the nose make me smile.

Being near water makes me content.

Spiders make me scream.

Cats make me laugh.

Watching the stars make me happy.

 I act like a kid sometimes, I like to go on swings, I love to cuddle.

Sometimes I forget to stop and breathe.

I love the smell of chocolate axe.

I like smiles in the middle of kisses.

I’m different, but I’m learning to like it.

Get to know me.